1. Introduction

Welcome to Bangbet Casino Ghana – your premier destination for thrilling gaming experiences! This document outlines the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between the casino (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and you, a valued Registering / Participating Player. As a proud trading name of Infinity Mobile Gaming and Entertainment Ltd., a company registered under Ghana's laws, we prioritize transparency and excellence in delivering top-notch entertainment to you through various media/electronic platforms, including mobile devices, computers, and laptops.

1.1 Licensing and Registration

The casino proudly operates under the official trading name of Infinity Mobile Gaming and Entertainment Ltd., a reputable entity registered under Ghana's laws. We are authorized by The Gambling Commission of Ghana, License No. 0001033, to ensure your gaming experiences are legitimate and secure.

1.2 Changes to Terms and Conditions

We are committed to enhancing your gaming journey, so we may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time. While we strive to notify you of major changes, it's important for you to stay informed by checking for updates regularly.

1.3 Account Policy

At Bangbet, we value fairness and integrity. Each customer is permitted to maintain only one account. If we detect multiple accounts established with misleading information or criminal intent, we retain the right to close these accounts to maintain a safe gaming environment.

1.4 Account Closure for Unfair Practices

We take a strong stance against fraudulent and unfair practices. If we determine that you have used our services/products/platforms dishonestly or to gain an unfair advantage, we reserve the right to suspend or close your account. We prioritize a level playing field for all our customers.

1.5 Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By participating in any game or placing bets using our betting platforms, you signify your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, as well as any subsequent amendments or variations. This also includes adherence to the Rules governing the products available to you.

2. Sports Betting Terms and Conditions

2.1 Betting Combinations

Experience the thrill of combining multiple authorized bets to amplify your gaming excitement.

2.2 Responsible Betting Limits

To ensure responsible gaming, refrain from placing repetitive bets with the intention of surpassing our betting limits. Such actions may result in the cancellation of bets and further investigation.

2.3 Fair Play Enforcement

Bangbet is dedicated to fair play. Bets not complying with our rules may be canceled, and appropriate actions may be taken, including suspending winnings pending investigation.

2.4 Individual Betting Responsibility

Place bets only on your behalf; using third-party accounts or engaging in group betting is strictly prohibited.

2.5 Group Betting

Suspicion of group betting, where linked accounts place bets in unusually short time frames, will lead to the cancellation of such bets for a thorough investigation.

2.6 Canceled Game Policy

In the event of a canceled game, selections are considered winners with odds of 1.00, subsequently recalculating overall odds.

2.7 In-Play Betting Exception

While bets placed after a sporting event has begun (except live bets labeled "In Play") are canceled, we prioritize in-play bets to keep your excitement alive.

2.8 Display Error Resolution

Display errors that affect selection odds in a bet will lead to the cancellation of affected bets to ensure fairness.

2.9 Prompt Settlement

We aim to settle bets promptly after the event's conclusion, though a minor delay might occur.

2.10 Betting Thresholds

Enjoy our online wagering with a minimum bet of 500 GHS, allowing everyone to engage.

2.11 Maximum Payout

While we offer exciting payouts, the maximum payout will not exceed 1M GHS to maintain financial prudence.

2.12 Large Winnings Policy

Bets resulting in a net total potential winning of more than 1M GHS may lead to the cancellation of such bets or groups of bets, ensuring a balanced gaming ecosystem.

3. Live Betting: Real-Time Thrills

3.1 Dynamic Betting Experience

Engage in real-time betting during select sporting events to elevate your gaming experience.

3.2 Evolving Odds

Odds for live bets are continuously updated, offering you the latest and most exciting options.

3.3 Wager Confirmation

After placing a bet online, it's your responsibility to confirm it promptly, ensuring accuracy in your selections.

3.4 Betting Thresholds

Live betting starts at a minimum of 500 GHS, enabling widespread participation.

3.5 Maximum Payout

Experience the thrill of live betting, with maximum payouts capped at 1M GHS.

4. Deposits and Withdrawals: Seamless Transactions

4.1 Payment Options

Boost your account balance effortlessly with payment options like MTN, AirtelTigo, and Vodafone.

4.2 Withdrawal Flexibility

Withdraw from your account up to 10 times, with each withdrawal ranging from a minimum of 1 GHS to a maximum of 500,000 GHS.

5. Prioritizing Responsible Gambling

5.1 Account Eligibility

For account creation, you must be of legal age and register personally.

5.2 Ensuring Responsible Wagering

While gaming is thrilling, responsible wagering is key. Bet only what you can afford to lose, monitor your betting habits, and consider self-exclusion for a controlled gaming experience.

6. Safeguarding Your Privacy

6.1 Privacy Assurance

Rest assured, your personal information remains confidential. We only disclose information when necessary for processing or due to legal obligations.

7. Feedback and Support

7.1 We're Here to Help

For any concerns, feedback, or assistance related to settlement, jackpots, bonuses, or customer service, please reach out to us at [email protected] within 30 days.Bangbet is your gateway to exceptional gaming experiences. These updated Terms and Conditions ensure a fair, secure, and exhilarating gaming journey. Embrace the excitement responsibly and embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure!